Head Electronics Expands Capabilities with Purchase of ZEVAm Selective Soldering System

Friday, May 31, 2019

Oosterhout, Netherlands, May 31, 2019 – At the recent SMT Connect Show in Nuremberg, Germany, Head Electronics visited the ITW EAE booth to have a look at Vitronics Soltec’s ZEVAm Selective Soldering solution. After seeing the advanced capabilities of the ZEVAm, they could see that this tool would be a valuable asset in their Netherland manufacturing facility.

Head specializes in designing and assembling industrial electronics, it is a customer-oriented and flexible company. Specific specialist areas are: development, global sourcing of components and the assembly of circuit boards and electronics. Head offers everything from prototype to series production, individual PCBs to systems and conventional to fine pitch SMD.

“The ZEVAm will add automated selective soldering capabilities that will allow us to attract new markets and stay ahead of new developments in the electronics market,” said Willem Kok, Head Electronics CEO. “With fine-pitch components becoming more common, we feel the ZEVAm is a sound investment.”

The ZEVAm brings patented soldering technology that excels at meeting the challenges of miniaturization. Tilting allows the ZEVAm to solder at any angle to guarantee proper soldering results for the ever-decreasing pitch of components. ZEVAm can process three PCBs simultaneously for high throughput in a high mix environment and offers a choice of wettable and non-wettable nozzles. An optional Solder Drainage Conditioner (SDC) prevents bridging and reduces defects.