ITW EAE Receives Patent No. 10,434,537 for Camalot® Prodigy’s™ Dynamic Dual Head™ Dispensing Technology

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Lakeville, Minnesota, October 29, 2019 – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent No. 10,434,537 protecting Dynamic Dual Head™ (DDH) dispensing technology for the Camalot® Prodigy™ Dispenser. The Prodigy Dispenser employs breakthrough technology that delivers high-speed, extremely accurate materials dispensing for electronics assembly and packaging with tighter tolerances, and higher yields.

Dynamic Dual Head™ (DDH) employs a unique method of identifying and correcting for part to part rotation of electronic substrates in “real-time” allowing synchronous dispensing of two pumps. DDH can double production capacity while maintaining the highest level of accuracy for both dispense pumps with no sacrifice to yield.  The DDH is designed for any step and repeated product including Semiconductor packages, PCB’s, flexible circuits and panel designs. The ability to pitch the pumps from 28mm to 160mm with any pump type allows an extremely broad range of use within all market segments associated with electronics assembly.

 “With the Dynamic Dual Head, customers can dramatically increase yields while reducing cost of ownership,” said Hugh Read, ITW EAE Business Manager – Dispenser Group. “IP is extremely important to any company and we want manufacturers to consider the protection our technology has been given when selecting a dispenser.”

DDH has been issued eight U.S. patents totaling more than 70 claims, as well as international patents. The technology is highly differentiated, and the patents protect Camalot/ITW EAE from competitors who may attempt to offer multi-head dispensing that incorporates Camalot/ITW EAE’s automatic head adjustment.