ITW EAE’s primary market is electronics assembly, including Surface Mount (SMT), through-hole, and mixed technology printed circuit boards (PCBs). This global market is served by all Speedline product lines, i.e., printing, dispensing, reflow, wave, and cleaning. ITW EAE also serves the semiconductor and advanced packaging markets, e.g., dispensing for underfill and encapsulation, adhesives and Thermal Interface Materials for Package on Package (PoP), Flip Chip, and microelectronics cleaning. ITW EAE manufacturing, sales, and service facilities are spread across the globe, both OEMs and electronics contract manufacturers (ECMs).

Industrial Controls

Robust electronic circuit assemblies are at the heart of today’s industrial controls, which include devices such as motor starters, contactors, control centers, and programmable logic controllers, and range from servomechanisms to instrumentation.


Telecommunications and networking play an ever-larger role in the world economy.