Electronic Assembly Printers

MPM 100 Printer

  • The MPM 100 is flexible, configurable, and easy to use, with speed and accuracy unmatched by any other printer in its class, and offers the best of MPM performance standards, for high yields across a wide range of SMT PCB printing applications.

  • The Paste Height Monitor is designed to prevent defects caused by inadequate volumes of paste on the stencil.  It combines advanced software and sensory technology to accurately monitor the paste bead for volume consistency.

  • The SPI print optimizer brings your Solder Paste Inpsection (SPI) machine into communication with your MPM printer through a specially-developed common interface. 


The MPM® 100 is a hard-working, value-priced printer utilizing the robust, reliable Momentum series platform that has been proven to be at the top of its class in facilities around the world. Featuring a modest footprint, it grows with the user; innovative patented features can be added on or retrofitted as needed as throughput demands grow.

Benefits and Features

Proven Momentum Series Accuracy and Performance

Wet Print accuracy of 20µm@6σ, Cpk ≥ 2, with 6σ capability designed in and independently verified. MPM Momentum series printers are fast, precise, and highly reliable, with performance unmatched by any other printer in their class.

More Throughput in Less Space

The MPM 100 is a space-saving 200mm shorter than the standard Momentum platform. Configured for Back to Back (BTB) processing, e.g., two individual printers positioned back to back in a manufacturing line, it enables dual lane processing with the combined output of two machines, but in the line length of one.

Total Front-Side Access

MPM 100 is designed for total front-side accessibility and service to the electrical system, solvent reservoir, and more. Since no rear access is needed, no space is required between BTB machines, making the most of every inch of floor space.

Faster ROI and Low Cost of Ownership

Accurate and repeatable performance delivers quality products with fewer defects. The MPM 100’s reasonable cost of ownership ensures that you’ll see a faster ROI, and higher profitability going forward.

Benchmark User Interface

Easy to learn and use for the average operator, Speedline's Benchmark software is powerful yet intuitive, and facilitates rapid setup, assists with operational tasks, and makes changeover quick and easy.

Enhanced Technology

Advanced Inspection and SPC Tools

Expanded 2D inspection capabilities augment the MPM 100, incorporating MPM's patented contract and texture-based technologies with BridgeVision® and StencilVision™.  Powerful SPC program tools combine with these advance vision and data acquisition technologies to facilitate maximum process analysis and optimiation.

UltraWipe Stencil Cleaner

With its paper over plenum design, venture vacuum, and patented roller solvent bar delivery system, this fully software-controlled feature provides precise wet dry wipe transition and exceptional cleaning results.

Automatic Paste Dispenser

Industry-standard sealed cartridges release precise, measured amounts of solder paste, adhesive, flux, encapulants, or ink across the stencil in a clean, uniform bead.  Deposition volumes, frequency, and placement are user-programmable.

Paste Height Monitor

The paste height monitor is a robust solution that allows the user to monitor the paste roll size on the front squeegee blade during a print stroke.


MPM’s PrinTrack adds traceability, data harvesting, and reporting to your printing process.  With PrinTrack, you always have an easily-accessible, comprehensive history detailing how your product was printed, when it was made, the process parameters used to print it, and all pertinent information that can be used to track products or troubleshoot the process if needed. A flexible Web reporting interface can be user-configured to produce traceability reports. PrinTrack is a portal to the Industry 4.0 evolution; it features open architecture for seamless integration, a standard method of connecting to MES and ERP systems, and its open architecture makes it highly compatible and expandable to factory-wide Track, Trace, and Control systems.

SPI Print Optimizer

The SPI print optimizer communicates with the external Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system to continuously monitor and auto-correct X, Y, and Theta registration 'on the fly' to stay on target and prevent print defects.

Open Apps

MPM’s Open Apps feature is an open architecture source code which provides customers and third parties the capability of developing custom interfaces in support of Industry 4.0 initiatives and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).