Cleaner Solutions

Aquastorm 60 In-line Cleaner

  • The Aquastorm 60 in-line cleaning systen is ideal for PCB, semiconductor, and industrial cleaning type applications, in which the manufacturing volume has outgrown the capability of a batch type cleaner and/or lack the floor space requirements of a typical in-line cleaner.

  • Design, construction, and quality are key attributes that contribute to the long history and success of the Aquastorm series cleaning systems. 


As high-reliability PCBs become miniaturized, denser and more complex, board assemblers are seeking ways to increase board level reliability, and cleaning is seen as a process solution.  Additionally, the importance of cleaning electronic assemblies increases dramatically in lead-free soldering applications.

The Electrovert® Aquastorm™ series precision cleaning systems are designed to provide complete cleaning process flexibility, superior cleaning and drying performance, process monitoring, and reliability.  The Electrovert approach is to provide the market with a range of Aquastorm series cleaners that utilize technologies that exceed cleaning and drying expectations.

Benefits and Features

Matching Fooprint to Application

The Aquastorm 60 in-line cleaning system is ideal for PCB, semiconductor, and industrial cleaning type applications in which the manufacturing volume has outgrown the capability of a batch type cleaner and/or lack the floor space requirements of a typical in-line cleaner.  With its compact design and small footprint, the Aquastorm 60 offers high-end performance capabilities as would expect from the Aquastorm brand name.  For straight DI aqueous cleaning applications the total length is 6’9” (2103 mm) and for chemistry based applications the total length is 9’3” (2844 mm).

Complete Process Flexbility

The Aquastorm 60 provides an in-line technology based solution that is capable of removing all flux residues and contaminants from lead and lead-free processes including rosin, no-clean, and water soluble type applications.  The Aquastorm 60 is also used in surface cleaning, surface preparation, parts cleaning, and high reliability industrial cleaning environments.  A full set of features and options are available to maximize cleaning performance and process flexibility.

Construction and Design

Design, construction, and quality are key attributes that contribute to the long history and success of the Aquastorm series cleaning systems.  Combined with innovative technologies and performance, the Aquastorm continues to be the industry leader and set’s the benchmark for all other cleaners in the market.  The Aquastorm 60 is available in either an all stainless steel construction (cabinet, tanks, and all process areas) or in our textured scratch resistant polypropylene.  A standard feature includes our quick connect seamless stainless steel plumbing in all wet sections and a stainless steel drain line.

Direct Dynamic Impingement

Cleaning for high reliability products requires a cleaning system that offers the flexibility to maximize the cleaning process.  The Aquastorm 60 offers a range of mixed spray technologies within the Wash and Rinse sections including V fan type, S-jet, and Jet Impact Cleaning (JIC) nozzle types.  The fluid delivery system includes 10 HP pumps as standard.


Efficient and complete drying is critical to the cleaning process.  An effective drying system will increase throughput, provide cost savings, and boards can go straight to test or conformal coating.  The Aquastorm 60 utilizes field proven technologies that are effective and efficient at drying for all applications.  The ElectroAir air knife technology is designed to maximize the mechanical energy across the entire process width of the conveyor.  The air knives when combined with the high velocity turbine blower, maximize the impact force to effectively remove moisture and dry the product.

Custom and Special Cleaning

With over 45 years of innovation and process leadership in the cleaning industry, Electrovert is committed to developing new products and services for most cleaning applications.  No matter what the cleaning requirement or challenge may be, please contact our experts to discuss a complete and effective solution.

Worldwide Support

The employees of Electrovert are dedicated to providing world class service and support to our global partners.  With facilities in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Asia and an extensive network of service, applications, and process engineers, Electrovert is positioned to support our customer’s requirements.  All Electrovert cleaning, wave and reflow equipment are designed and built in Camdenton, Missouri USA.

In today’s business environment it is important to partner with suppliers who are willing to work on special applications and are committed to providing process solutions.  Contact Electrovert if you have a special product or application and are interested in finding a specialized solution.

Enhanced Technology

Mixed Spray Technology

The clear advantage of the Aquastorm cleaners is the ability to deliver dynamic energy at the PCB surface.  While ‘dynamic’ energy consists of a combination of chemistry, thermal, and mechanical forms of energy, the key to the Aquastorm is the utilization of mixed spray technologies to maximize the cleaning capability and providing complete process flexibility.

  • V-Jet provides complete flooding action for high pressure applications;
  • The unique oscillating action of the patented S-Jet™ nozzle technology provides maximum flooding for low pressure applications;
  • JIC (Jet Impact Cleaning) greatly improves cleaning under low-standoff components with omni-directional spray patterns, and eliminates board and component shadowing effects
  • Mechanical fluid delivery system balances flow and pressure to maximize the dynamic energy at the board surface level;
  • Chemical Isolation provides optimal process separation and minimizes chemistry consumption
Cost Saving Advantages

Aquastorm in-line cleaners offer several integrated design features that save chemistry and electrical power.

  • Automatic stand-by mode:The integrated automatic stand-by mode is standard within the Aquastorm in-line cleaners.This feature will automatically shut down pumps and blowers when PCBs are not being processed.The in-line cleaner will automatically start each pump and blower via an incoming photo cell detector as the PCBs enter the appropriate section of the cleaning module.This significantly saves power and chemistry consumption.
  • Integrated exhaust plenum and demister:Aquastorm in-line cleaners utilize an integrated exhaust plenum that effectively balances the intakes of the exhaust ports within the cleaner.The exhaust plenum combined with the integrated demister ensures that exhaust is minimized which effectively saves on chemistry consumption.
  • Commonality across Electrovert Platforms:Electrovert has focused on utilizing common materials across the entire Aquastorm series cleaners.This provides cost savings in the form of spare parts, field proven reliability, and significant savings on training of operators, engineers, and maintenance technicians.