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Industrial Cleaners


Unsurpassed cleaning, high-efficiency drying, low cost of ownership, ease of maintenance, and robust design all come together in Electrovert Industrial cleaning systems.

The Electrovert® Aquastorm™ series PCB cleaning machines are considered the industry’s best for performance, quality construction, and life cycle durability. They are designed to provide superior cleaning and drying performance, complete cleaning process flexibility and monitoring, all with unparalleled reliability. Our goal is to provide customers with a range of cleaners that will exceed their cleaning and drying expectations.

The process flexibility and reliability of the Aquastorm has proven to be valuable in a variety of applications including: parts cleaning, precision medical washing, renew/rework, pallet/fixture cleaning, debris removal, surface preparation, electronics and semiconductor, lens cleaning.


Benefits and Features

Dynamic Jet Technology

Direct dynamic jet technology delivers maximum energy for unsurpassed cleaning capability.  Electrovert's mixed spray technologies can be customized for any cleaning application.  The Aquastorm series cleaners are compatible for any aqueous and semi-aqueous based chenistry cleaning process.

Operator Interface
  • Easy single point operation
  • UL listed and certified for facotry automation
Chemical Isolation
  • Effiecntly removes chemistry prior to rinse
  • Designed to minimize chemistry usage

Complete accessibility to all tanks, pumps, plumbing and blowers.

Torrid Zone Drying
  • Integrated forced convection bake out
  • Combination of high impact air and heat

Industrial duty stainless steel belt and shafts exnsure maximum loading capability and long life.

Software Gui
  • Windows based operating system
  • Allows complete process control and product tracking

Enhanced Technology

Aquastorm Series Advantages
  • Technology based fluid delivery system in the Wash and Rince sections
  • Efficient chemistry containment that saves you money $$
  • Torrid Zone drying for complete drying performance and capability
  • Windows based operating system for complete process control and traceability
  • All backed by Electrovert's world-class service organization
MicroCel Advantages
  • Top load
  • Excellent for precision cleaning applications
  • Compatible with aqueous, semi-aqueous, and solvent based cleaning applications