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Prodigy Dispenser

635 and 680SD Pumps


Camalot offers two (2) types of Auger pump, both controlled with a precise servo drive system. For highly abrasive materials both 635SD and 680SD pump systems offer more wear resistant carbide auger screws. The 680SD pumps deliver high flow rates and also incorporate a patented positive shutoff that eliminates dripping of lower viscosity materials. The auger design (pitch, etc.) is typically tailored to meet the requirements of the individual customer’s specific material that will be dispensed (i.e., application-based).


  • Ideally suited for dot type application of most materials
  • Configurable with footed or un-footed needles
  • Precise material delivery and a controllable dispense speed
  • Removable cartridge for easy cleaning
  • Fine pitch auger screw available for MicroDot applications


  • Ideally suited for line type applications with viscous materials
  • Incorporates a patented positive shutoff/no drip design
  • Carbide parts are standard to minimize wear from abrasive materials
  • High material flow rates
  • Optional needle heater

Dual Dynamic Head (DDH)

The proprietary design of Dynamic Dual Head (DDH) provides the only fast and fully accurate solution for dual head simultaneous dispensing. The DDH option uses a unique and patented mini XY drive system on a second Z-Axis to correct “real-time” and allow synchronous dispensing of both pumps regardless of part to part rotation. This technique guarantees increased productivity whilst maintaining yields through unsurpassed accuracy.


• Independent, real time adjustment for both dispense pumps

• Dispense productivity increased by up to 100%

• No yield loss due to second head inaccuracy

• Compatible with all dispense pumps

• Automatic setup and calibration

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Dual Head Modes

Dual head configurability allows dispensing of two different materials within one process. Both Z-axes are independently controlled, facilitating both high positional accuracy and fast axis movement. With identical pumps and materials configured to both heads, the platform allows for two patented modes of operation. Synchronous mode operates both pumps simultaneously and reduces dispense time by approximately 50%.

  • Dispense two different materials within one process
  • Both Z axes independently controlled
  • High positional accuracy
  • Fast axis movement
  • Synchronous mode - Operates both pumps simultaneously
    • 50% dispense time reduction
  • Asynchronous mode - Operates pumps alternately
    • Reduces dispense time by up to 20%
  • Patented Switch Mode function

Dual Mode Weight Scale

Dual Mode Weight Scale employs a patented closed-loop weighing process that allows measurement of dispense patterns for maximum accuracy. In addition, a unique auto tune feature enables control of individual droplet sizes from our pump systems. The process allows measurement of both global and actual dispense patterns for maximum accuracy. Changes in material viscosity are controlled with automatic compensation. Patented Closed-loop Weigh Process.

  • Patented closed-loop weighing process
  • Measure dispense patterns for maximum accuracy
  • Auto-tune feature enables individual dot size control
  • Global and actual dispense patterns
  • Automatic compensation for changes in material viscosity
  • Less time to calibrate
  • Less calibration material consumed


NanoShot is the next generation of “jetting” technology. Offering high speed - Up to 600 Hz, and ultra-fine resolution, with dot sizes < 300 microns, this patent pending pump features state-of-the-art motion control technology, simple maintenance, quick changeover, and a low cost of ownership. NanoShot is not only a high performer, but is also easy to maintain. High mix manufacturing scenarios are supported by its quick-change feature; reduced maintenance, necessary on only a weekly basis, means more up-time for higher productivity. 30% improved repeatability means higher yields and higher throughput.

  • Ideally suited for underfill and UV coating
  • Next generation of “jetting” technology
  • High speed - Up to 600 Hz
  • Auto-tune feature for automatic calibration
  • Fine resolution - Dot sizes < 300 microns
  • Patent pending motion control technology
  • Minimal maintenance and quick changeover
  • Low cost of ownership

NuJet Jetting Pump

NuJet eliminates use of a needle and incorporates a contact jetting technique to displace the dispense material. Controlling the piston with a pneumatic actuator and closed-loop software achieves a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for consistent process results.


• Speeds up to 300 Hz

• Auto-tune for closed-loop calibration

• Setup time reduced by 20%

• Dot sizes < 300 microns

• Extended maintenance frequency

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SmartStream® is a unique, patented non-contact dispense pump that uses positive displacement to create a controlled stream of material. SmartStream dispenses a column of material with each cycle instead of a single sphere, and is well-suited for underfill applications. Since its piston does not contact seat or nozzle, wear is minimal, and the pump is designed for long life and high precision dispensing. Controlling the positive-displacement piston with a closed-loop servo drive achieves a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for consistent process results. Programmable for narrow stream widths for access into densely packed areas.

  • Non-contact dispense pump is well-suited for underfill applications
  • Patented design uses a positive displacement technique to create a stream of material
  • Auto-tune feature allows for automatic calibration of dot size during setup and production
  • Closed-loop servo drive ensures fast, repeatable performance
  • Narrow stream width for access into densely packed areas
  • “Hot Swap” changeover concept allows cleaning in <2 minutes
  • SmartStream’s Auto-tune feature allows for automatic calibration of dot size during setup and production.
  • Wear-resistant nozzles; SmartStream cost of ownership < $1 a day.
  • Nozzle heater for flow control and consistency

Transport System


Camalot’s flexible, configurable conveyor transport system offers part handling for up to 3 conveyor zones, with a choice of edge clamps or lift chucks. Camalot offers a Dual Zone with input buffer option for high throughput (with standard conveyor) or Triple Zone with input and output buffer (with 3 edge clamps/lift chucks) with the extended conveyor option. Different modes of operation are programmable through the powerful Benchmark software and operating system, as well as using options such as Board Staging to best advantage. Altogether, Camalot’s Transport system offers maximum configurability and flexibility for dispensing many different materials on a wide range of sizes and types of electronic assemblies.