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Electrovert Reflow Soldering

The Electrovert® OmniMax/ES ™ series reflow soldering system is designed to deliver maximum thermal performance combined with process capability and control. The OmniMax/ES platform offers a combination of industry proven technologies in an easy to use, reliable and efficient reflow system for high-end production requirements.

Electrovert OmniES 5 Reflow Soldering Oven

Electrovert OmniES 5 Reflow Soldering Oven

OmniES 5 Reflow Soldering Oven

The OmniES 5 zone convection reflow soldering oven utilizes the same technologies available in OmniMax/ES 7 and 10 zone ovens.  The single IsoThermal chamber performance capability combined with robust designs, make the OmniES 5 zone the perfect fit for high mix-low volume reflow soldering and curing applications.

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About Electrovert

Founded in 1951 in Montreal Quebec Canada, Electrovert is known globally as a premier manufacturer of wave soldering, reflow soldering, and precision cleaning equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly, semiconductor, and industrial manufacturing industries. 

Electrovert has a long history of product and industry-wide successes.  A leader in innovation and technology, Electrovert has issued over 400 patents.  Many of these designs are industry standards and have become integral to the success of the world’s largest OEM and contract electronics manufacturers.  Electrovert’s award winning technologies include:  DwellMax Plus and UltraFill nozzles for wave soldering; Intelligent Flux Control and IsoThermal Chamber Technology for reflow soldering; and Hurricane Jet and JIC spray technology for precision cleaning.  A core competency of Electrovert has been a focus on technologies that provide process solutions for high-end, demanding production environments.

The Electrovert brand name continues to be recognized as a global leader.  All of Electrovert’s wave, reflow, and precision cleaning machines are designed and built in the United States.  The state-of-the-art applications, training, and demo center located in Camdenton, Missouri includes all current models of equipment which are available for testing and demonstrations.