Selective Soldering Solutions

Vitronics Soltec Selective Soldering

Vitronics Soltec offers a full range of Selective soldering solutions, allowing customers to choose and optimize the best fit for their application.  All systems are network capable and automatically collect and deliver the data required by today’s high reliability users.

About Vitronics Soltec

Founded in 1916 as ZEVA in the Netherlands, the company was a pioneer in the field of industrial soldering. Vitronics Soltec’s first major product was the electric soldering iron. 

With production of the circuit board in the 1950’s, new soldering methods were needed and the first “Wave Soldering System’ was introduced.  In the 1970’s, ZEVA introduced a complete line of automatic wave soldering machines.  Then, in the 1980’s, ZEVA changed its name to Soltec, and the company continued to grow with the expanding electronics industry.

In 1989, Soltec introduced reflow soldering systems to serve the growing surface mount technology (SMT) market.  In 1997, Soltec merged with Vitronics Corporation of Newmarket, NH, one of the world’s leading suppliers of SMT reflow soldering technology.  The newly formed company became Vitronics Soltec and move to Stratham, NH.  In 2011, the company moved its North American headquarters to Hampton, NH.  Since the formation of Vitronics Soltec in 1997, the company has led the industry with numerous technical achievement and advances.