Selective Soldering Solutions

ZEVAm Selective


The ZEVAm brings the next dimension to selective point to point soldering.  With the ever decreasing pitch of components it becomes inevitable soon to use an angle during soldering to guarantee proper soldering results. Patented soldering technology excels in the challenges of miniaturization.  The ZEVAm is a flexible platform that is highly customizable, offers wettable and non wettable nozzles, and the process control provides maximum insight for day-to-day performance.

Benefits and Features

High Frequent Fluxing Technology
  • Increases process window up to 5 times
    • Frequency range increases over 4 times allowing a wider range in flux droplets
    • Increased accuracy with shorter pitches
    • Improved flux volume consistency
    • Lower mass allowing faster movement
    • Higher frequency (1000Hz) allows for fast robot movement
  • Reduces clogging with increased hole dimension of 180µm
  • Cost effective
Smart Teach Programming
  • Standard offline programming software
  • Program without using machine capacity
  • Automatic snap function aligning program over through-hole
  • Automatic calibration, process proposal, and flux volume calculation
  • Uses .DXF, Gerber or pixel based input

Enhanced Technology

Closed-loop Flux Flow Control
  • Integrated mass flow meter has capability to measure during the whole flux cycle directly in the supply circuit to the nozzle
  • Upper and lower boundary guarding with alarms
  • Statistical calculations on flow per recipe is part of traceability data
Selectwave Solderpot
  • Patented soldering technology, tilting and Solder Drainage Conditioner (SDC) unit will prepare you for any soldering challenge that may come including further decrease of pitch to ensure bridge free soldering
    • Designed to endure stable wave dynamics
    • Allows bridge free soldering
    • Hot nitrogen improved solderability
    • Controlled nitrogen dynamics
  • Point to point or drag soldering
  • Rotating nozzle reducing cycle time
  • Solderpot is covered to minimize nitrogen consumption and dross formation
  • Standard automatic solder wire feeding system
Closed-loop Preheater Management
  • Active and precise control of PCB temperature
  • Automatic adjustment of lamp power to reach desired temperature at the end of the preheat cycle
  • Improved process control and board to board repeatability
  • No additional cycle time
Precision Wave Height Control

Designed to control the wave height of the Selectwave through laser sensor

  • Measurement without contact
  • Improves board to board soldering consistency
Management Information System & Barcode Integration
  • Barcode integration allows automatically selection of correct program
  • Management Information System saves all set and actual values of a specific soldered product into a log file
  • Linking barcode and management information provides full traceability
  • Connectivity to host computer and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)