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Your employees can achieve maximum efficiency and productivity, but only with the proper training. To minimize costly production delays, operators, engineers and technicians must be sufficiently trained to optimize the performance of the equipment – or suffer the financial consequences of a poorly run manufacturing process. 

Our training courses focus on making your employees self-sufficient. That means empowering your employees with the skills and knowledge to operate, program, maintain and repair your equipment for the highest uptime and asset utilization. 

ITW EAE certified training courses are available for all current Camalot, MPM and Electrovert production machines. Classroom instruction is provided at training centers in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Camdenton, MO, Guadalajara, Mexico, Germany, and Singapore. These courses utilize Performance Based Equipment Training (PBET), meaning, smaller classes with more time dedicated to individual hands-on equipment time. 

ITW EAE Training in Asia is designed to build basic operating and programming knowledge as well as troubleshooting and calibration skills. To schedule chargeable training programs, please contact the following:

Technical Support Centre

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Understanding the complex principles of printing solder paste and other electronic materials is key to achieving optimum results. Since approximately 70% of all soldering defects originate in the printing process, a comprehensive knowledge of printing parameters, printer operation and maintenance, and print process optimization with the many varied process tools ranging from squeegees to stencil wiping to alignment and accuracy is essential. ITW EAE training will enable you to get the most out of your MPM printers.

Successful fluids dispensing for production requires a good understanding of the dispense process, including such process variables as dot diameter, viscosity, time and pressure, nozzle diameter, and other. Camalot training will give you the enabling knowledge to operate and maintain the latest pump technology, and leverage Camalot capabilities to obtain optimum results. Our hands-on, individualized program builds competence and confidence.

Comprehensive training courses are available for ELECTROVERT Wave Soldering, Reflow Soldering, and Cleaning. Each course provides numerous practical ‘hands-on’ exercises that put to practice classroom theory following *PBET standards. Each course type is available for Wave, Reflow, and Cleaning: Maintenance, Operations, Trouble-shooting, Calibration, and Process Optimization. 

Customer training is a top priority for Vitronic Soltec.  We offer complete training programs for all of our Reflow, Wave and Selective soldering equipment at our Suzhou, China facility and also provide onsite training at customer locations.  Our programs are designed to provide your engineers, technicians and machine operators with the knowledge they need to get the best performance out of all of our products.

Our training courses cover a wide variety of subjects, including general operations, gas-fired systems, electrically heated systems, equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance, controller operation and calibration, and temperature uniformity surveys. For more information about our Despatch training classes, please visit: