For Every Challenge, an Engineered Solution.

The technology of electronics manufacturing is constantly changing. At ITW EAE, we’re dedicated to helping you keep pace with it.


At ITW EAE, we’re focused on providing engineered production solutions to our customers worldwide. Because we’re good listeners, we understand the needs and challenges facing electronics manufacturers. We leverage our comprehensive knowledge base to develop process and technology solutions for emerging applications, so that our customers can enjoy higher yields, more robust products, and a better bottom line.


ITW EAE provides technology solutions for electronics manufacturing production. ITW EAE’s automated systems cover four critical steps in the electronics assembly production line: Printing, Dispensing, Soldering, and Cleaning. These include stencil printing of solder pastes on PCBs; dispensing adhesives, solder pastes, and other fluids; reflow and wave soldering; and in-line and batch cleaning of components and assemblies.

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ITW EAE provides electronics manufacturing and assembly production solutions for a wide range of markets that use electronics either as entire systems (such as smartphones) or in part (such as the ‘brain box’ microcomputer in an automobile). These markets include consumer electronics, military and aerospace systems, industrial controls and manufacturing, industrial robotics, and more. Electronics systems manufactured using ITW EAE technology find their way into every corner of our lives, from medical devices, monitors, and laboratory equipment to telecommunications and the appliances in kitchens.

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