Performance Advancement in Fluid Dispensing

With the growing demand of Semiconductor Advanced Packaging and miniaturization in electronic assembly industry, a much more controlled and automated process with tighter tolerance levels and increased units per hour (UPH) is required.

This article relates to a complex process of fluid dispensing at low volumes on different types of substrate with new dispensing technology on a more precise and faster platform. Jetting was introduced back in 1990s and has been widely used to jet out material at low volumes for various applications. Jetting technology helps to dispense droplets of fluid from the nozzle tip and propagating them towards the substrate in a precise amount of volume due to striking motion of a piston over a seat. A new revolutionary piezoelectric based dispensing pump capable of depositing materials in low volumes at much tighter tolerances enhances process capability in terms of performance and long term stability. The ability to control the dot size as a function of charge with good volume control is a very distinct advantage. Performance is characterized through consistent small mass deposition of about 3-4 microliters with precise dot placement accuracy defined through the interrelation of targeted position to the commanded position in two dimensional space. Two major challenging factors i.e. speed and throughput is determined through the new feed forward control NanoShot™ hardware which exhibits faster performance with required pump stability equivalent to the assembly production environment. Dispensing requirements along with good dot footprint and line quality in the field engineering applications are discussed in this paper.