Applied Technology for Precision Manufacturing

For Every Key Process, there is an ITW EAE Solution


ITW EAE provides technology solutions for electronics manufacturing production. EAE’s automated systems cover four critical steps in the electronics assembly production line: Printing, Dispensing, Soldering, and Cleaning. These include stencil printing of solder pastes on PCBs; dispensing adhesives, solder pastes, and other fluids; reflow and wave soldering; and in-line and batch cleaning of components and assemblies. In addition to assembly production equipment ITW EAE’s Despatch equipment performs front-end semiconductor functions as well as assembly/wafer level packaging function such as die attach curing, reliability and burn-in testing.


MPM printers are high-speed, high-precision systems for depositing precise patterns of solder paste on printed circuit boards through foil stencils. Available in a wide range of capabilities.

Best-in-class printing performance has always neen a hallmark of MPM printing technology, the recognized world standard for reliability, throughput, and high yields.


For decades, Camalot® has been the global leader in dispensing technology for electronic materials. From board-level assembly to advanced packaging to cutting-edge compound semiconductors, Camalot’s innovative solutions have kept our dispense systems solutions in the forefront.

Precision Cleaning

Electrovert® offers a range of award winning technologies, products, and features for a wide range of cleaning and drying applications.

Wave Soldering

Award-winning wave soldering technologies have long met the demanding throughput and process control challenges of applications such as lead-free wave soldering.

Selective Soldering

In selective soldering, only through-hole components are soldered.  A key goal is to minimally affect the surface-mount components and other adjacent materials on the board.

Electronic Assembly Materials

ITW EAE product lines apply a wide range of materials into the assembly of electronics and industrial processes and applications.