Cleaning for Semiconductor and wire bonding

In the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries, enhanced reliability continues to be a focus of manufacturers and cleaning is seen as a solution. Electrovert in-line and MicroCel batch cleaning systems have provided manufacturers with effective cleaning solutions.

Just recently, the Electrovert Aquastorm 200 in-line cleaner was used for cleaning assemblies in the mobile phone and semiconductor manufacturing industries in high-volume manufacturing environments. The MicroCel centrifugal cleaning system is being used for defluxing and surface preparation (removing oxidation) in the semiconductor industries.

In all cases, Electrovert has become the preferred partner. Electrovert’s advantage is in sharing product and process expertise to develop long-term solutions that are backed by a world-class global support network.

The Electrovert Aquastorm in-line and MicroCel batch cleaners are used for many cleaning applications:

  • PCB assembly;
  • Defluxing;
  • Smartphone and Tablet assembly;
  • Microelectronics;
  • Semiconductor;
  • Hybrid electronics;
  • Misprint cleaning;
  • Industrial parts cleaning;
  • Wet cleaning prior to wire bonding;
  • Specialty applications.