Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are often curable higher-viscosity fluids designed to conduct heat from one object to another. Typically, they are sandwiched between a heat-generating surface and the surface of a heat sink. TIMs are often dispensed in patterns, which can be in the shape of a cross, star, or serpentine. Camalot® precision dispensing and auger pump technology ensure controlled, consistent dispensing of dots, lines, and patterns as required. Camalot dispensers are ideal for filling intricate air voids and gaps, a key use of TIMs in thermal management for semiconductor and board level applications. With TIMs, the goal is to form an evenly distributed layer of thermally-conductive material between surfaces.

For decades, Camalot® has been the global leader in dispensing technology for electronic materials. From board-level assembly to advanced packaging to cutting-edge compound semiconductors, Camalot’s innovative solutions have kept our dispense systems solutions in the forefront.

Camalot® dispensing machines excel in the precise, highly accurate micro-dispensing of conductive adhesives and epoxy resins onto a variety of surfaces including silicon, silver, gold and copper.

Camalot® dispensing machines' ability to precisely dispense both materials at high speed using dual head technology delivers high throughput and efficiency in dam and fill applications. 

Camalot® precision dispense technology ensures successful application of adhesives for both corner/edge bonding processes. Edge/corner bonding is used as an alternative to underfill to add mechanical strength and reliability to BGAs and similar chip-scale packages (CSPs) and to increase reliability for drop testing.

Selective automated flux dispensing is utilized at certain stages in the assembly process where improved reliability and speed are required. Many applications include rework.

Camalot’s advanced time/pressure dispensing technology precisely and consistently applies curable RTV gasketing fluids for a wide range of applications such as automotive electronics and aerospace where a robust form-in-place (FIP) gasket is required to provide environmental isolation for electronic components and assemblies.

Camalot® dispensers incorporate the most advanced deposition technology for solder paste dispensing, traditionally one of the most difficult materials to dispense consistently.

Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA’s) are typically used to hold SMT components in place on the bottom side of a PCB. These can range from small ‘chip’ components to large devices. The adhesive, usually in highly visible yellow or red colors, is dispensed typically in dot form and is heat-curable.

Underfill is used in a wide variety of packages and board-level assemblies, and Camalot® dispense machines, particularly the SmartStream® pump technology, perform fast, efficient, complete underfill for all types of packages reliably and repeatably.

UV-curable selective coatings can be precisely applied to critical areas of electronic components and assemblies using Camalot® dispense technology including SmartStream, a unique patented non-contact pump technology.