No Clean

No-clean’ solder pastes and fluxes have their own unique characteristics and process requirements. Although they are intended to be left on the PCB assembly after processing, their ‘low-solids’ content requires precise, careful temperature profiling so that the active cleaning, wetting, and protective agents in the flux will have the opportunity to perform their function and form a good solder joint before they boil off. Vitronics Soltec® and Electrovert’s reflow and wave soldering systems are designed with tight closed-loop thermal control that allows optimum processing of no-clean soldering flux formulations to deliver well-formed, testable solder connections with minimum residue remaining on the assembly.

In certain applications and industries, removing (de-fluxing) the ‘no-clean’ residues and contaminants is a critical requirement. Electrovert full range of batch and in-line cleaning systems are designed to deliver dynamic energy at the board level to maximize cleaning effectiveness.