Liquid Fluxes of different types may be applied by various techniques to solderable surfaces, such as paste fluxes (stencil printed onto bare PCBs with MPM® printers or dispensed onto selective areas via CAMALOT® dispensing systems), spray-applied in our Electrovert® Wave Soldering systems, or formulated as a part of SMT solder paste, which is also printed and dispensed onto boards prior to assembly. Vitronics Soltec® and Electrovert reflow soldering ovens are designed to properly activate the full range of flux types used in reflow, for best wetting and solder joint formation, and to efficiently collect and exhaust flux volatiles for a contamination-free process. All ITW EAE equipment is compatible with the various types of fluxes available, including No Clean (NC), Water Soluble (WS), Rosin Mildly Activated (RMA), and Rosin Activated (RA) that are used in the full range of semiconductor and board assembly processes. Cleanable fluxes can be efficiently removed from processed PCBs in our Electrovert cleaning systems.