ITW EAE provides electronics manufacturing and assembly production solutions for a wide range of markets that use electronics either as entire systems (such as smartphones) or in part (such as the ‘brain box’ microcomputer in an automobile). These markets include consumer electronics, military and aerospace systems, industrial controls and manufacturing, industrial robotics, and more. Electronics systems manufactured using ITW EAE technology find their way into every corner of our lives, from medical devices, monitors, and laboratory equipment to telecommunications and the appliances in kitchens.


Today’s cars and trucks are increasingly more reliant on electronics. Each car and light truck built in North America now contains nearly twice as many electronics as it did a decade ago.


Electronics drive industry and manufacturing globally. From factory automation and robotic automotive assembly lines to ‘lights out’ facilities and milling and machining equipment, Speedline provides the systems that build the ‘brains’ of industrial production.


ITW EAE production technologies are especially well suited to the rapidly growing lighting market. A heightened demand for LED lighting applications is the main driver of this dramatic increase.


Medical electronics is a rapidly-expanding market, growing by double digits annually.


The stringent demands of high reliability (hi-rel) electronics systems for military, aerospace, and government applications are continually met by ITW EAE’s production equipment, used to build battlefield-ready, ruggedized circuitry in lead-free and traditional lead-bearing circuitry configurations.


Telecommunications and networking play an ever-larger role in the world economy.

Smart Devices

Smart devices are proliferating as fast as their capabilities are increasing, and they will soon completely replace the PC as the primary computing device of the consumer.

Semiconductor Packaging

Semiconductor packaging is most simply the process of installing an integrated circuit, or chip, into a package, or active device (component) which then becomes part of a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly.