Defluxing and PCB Cleaning

As high reliability printed circuit boards become more dense and complex, PCB assemblers are seeking ways to enhance reliability. Cleaning is viewed as a process solution. Defluxing is the cleaning process designed to remove solder flux and by-products from the PCB assembly. PCB cleaning typically includes de-fluxing, but it may also include removing impurities from the board assembly such as solder balls, dirt, dust, organic materials, and other contaminants.

In many electronics manufacturing facilities, throughput volume, as well as cleanliness and process control requirements justify the capital expense of a batch and/or in-line type cleaning system. Electrovert’s batch and in-line cleaners are designed for defluxing, PCB cleaning, surface preparation, and specialty cleaning applications. The Electrovert Aquastorm™ series (batch and in-line) cleaners are built to deliver ‘dynamic’ energy at the board level to maximize cleaning effectiveness and performance. The MicroCel™ batch cleaner uses centrifugal energy in an immersion wash environment.

Aquastorm series cleaners (batch and in-line) and MicroCel batch cleaners are used in many cleaning applications:

  • PCB assembly
  • De-fluxing
  • Smartphone and tablet mobile devices
  • Microelectronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Hybrid electronics
  • Misprint cleaning
  • Industrial parts cleaning
  • Wet cleaning prior to wire bonding
  • Specialty applications