Batch cleaning

Batch cleaning is the process of cleaning multiple parts or ‘batches of parts’ as a group where process cycle times are controlled. Batch type cleaners are used in numerous applications throughout the entire semiconductor manufacturing and PCB assembly industries.

Within the PCB assembly industry, some of the challenges facing assemblers include higher density, increased complexity, and miniaturization of packages and assemblies. Board assemblers who currently clean with a batch-type cleaner are looking for solutions to increase cleaning capability without moving to an in-line cleaner. The Electrovert® Aquastorm™ 50 batch cleaner utilizes cleaning technologies that are common to the Aquastorm in-line cleaners. The technology advantage of the Aquastorm 50 over other conventional batch type cleaners is the fluid delivery system. The Aquastorm 50 employs technologies that deliver dynamic direct impingement energy to board surfaces (sides A and B).

Within the semiconductor industry, key challenges facing manufacturers include the ability to remove oxidation from the surface of the strip/boards prior to wire-bonding, and the ability to remove contaminants from the board assembly (deflux and clean). The MicroCel™ batch cleaner employs centrifugal energy in an immersion wash environment. The MicroCel is compatible for solvent, semi-aqueous, and straight DI applications.

The Aquastorm 50 and MicroCel batch type cleaners are used in many cleaning applications:

  • PCB assembly;
  • De-fluxing;
  • Semiconductor manufacturing;
  • Smartphone and tablet electronics;
  • Microelectronics;
  • Hybrid electronics;
  • Misprint cleaning;
  • Industrial parts cleaning;
  • Wet cleaning prior to wire bonding;
  • Special cleaning applications.