Technical Support

Whenever a customer is in need of support to resolve a technical equipment issue, their first point of contact should be ITW EAE’s experienced and knowledgeable Technical Support Help Desk team (or local distributor). 

The majority of all technical issues can be resolved quickly and professionally by this dedicated group.

When contacting our Tier 1 Tech Support team, it is important to be prepared to provide detailed information of your issue including the serial number of your equipment.  Our team strives to respond to Machine Down situations within one business day.

Email/phone support is available Monday-Friday during normal business hours of 8AM – 5PM CST/CET/SGT M-F.  Additional after hours and weekend support is available for urgent MACHINE DOWN situations by using the main Technical Support PHONE numbers and following the instructions to reach our On Call/After Hours Service Desk.  

Technical Support Team Contact Information (or local distribution partner): 

U.S./Canada Mexico
Camalot Camalot
Tel: 800-737-8110 Option 2 Tel: 01-800-718-1614
Email: Email:
Despatch Despatch
Tel: 800-737-8110 Option 6 Tel: +1-952-479-4112
Email: Email:
Electrovert Electrovert
Tel: 800-737-8110 Option 3 Tel: 01-800-718-1614
Email: Email:
Tel: 800-737-8110 Option 1 Tel: 01-800-718-1614
Email: Email:
Vitronics Soltec Vitronics Soltec
Tel: 800-737-8110 Option 5 Tel: +1-573-317-3008 Option 2
Email: Email: