Centrifugal Cleaning

In the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries, enhanced reliability continues to be a focus of manufacturers and cleaning is seen as a solution.

Particularly in the microelectronics, hybrid electronics, and semiconductor industries, a spray-in-air cleaning process may be too harsh for fragile components (wire bonds, sensitive connections or surfaces, etc.) and a centrifugal cleaning process is required.

Centrifugal energy, produced when parts are rotated inside a sealed process chamber, provides thorough penetration, solubilization, and contaminant removal when coupled with appropriate cleaning chemistries.

The MicroCel Centrifugal cleaning system provides comprehensive cleaning of electronic circuit assemblies, precision parts, medical devices, wafers, and advanced packages, such as flip chips, MCMs, SIPs, BGAs, CSPs, and hybrid electronics.

The MicroCel centrifugal cleaning system is used in many cleaning applications:

  • PCB assembly;
  • Defluxing;
  • Portable device lens cleaning;
  • Microelectronics;
  • Semiconductor;
  • Hybrid electronics;
  • Medical parts cleaning;
  • Wet cleaning prior to wire bonding;
  • Specialty applications.