Electronic Assembly Printers

MPM Printers

Today's MPM printers are engineered and built to the highest standards. They are built on a solid foundation of proven technology and incorporate the most successful ideas and systems from prior MPM printer models. From new print head technology to vision system development, today's leading Momentum family of printers are ready to meet the most exacting manufacturing challenges.

Edison Printer


MPM® Edison is the next generation in printing technology, operating at twice the speed and 25% higher accuracy than current printers.

Momentum BTB Printer

Momentum Back-to-Back

The MPM Momentum BTB design allows two printers to be configured back to back, creating a dual-lane solution that nearly doubles throughput, but does not increase line length.

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MPM 100 Printer

MPM 100

The MPM® 100 is designed to meet the ever-growing challenges of today's manufacturing world: high performance, user-friendly, flexible, space and operational efficient.

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Momentum Elite Printer

Momentum Elite

The MPM® Momentum® Elite is the top-performer of the Momentum series, boasting the highest throughput and shortest cycle times of all. Its vision system is driven by servos for speed.

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Momentum HiE Printer

Momentum HiE

The MPM® Momentum® Hi-E (for High Efficiency) is a single-rail printer with servo motors, rather than stepper motors, driving the vision system’s X, Y, and Z axes for faster cycle times.

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About MPM

Founded in 1968 in Somerville, Massachusetts, MPM is known globally as a premier manufacturer of SMT printing equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly industry. 

MPM has a long history of product and industry-wide successes.  A leader in innovation and technology, MPM has issued over 400 patents.  Many of these designs are industry standards and have become integral to the success of the world’s largest OEM and contract electronics manufacturers.  MPM’s award winning technologies include:  the new Edison Printer, Open Apps which is MPM’s Industry 4.0 open architecture, Camalot Inside integrated dispensing system, Enclosed Flow print head, 2D inspection, parallel processing, and many more.  A core competency of MPM has been to focus on technologies that provide process solutions for high-end demanding production environments.