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Printing, Dispensing, Soldering (Wave, Selective and Reflow), and Cleaning from MPM, Camalot, Electrovert, and Vitronics Soltec

Our Products

Critical steps in the electronics manufacturing process - and ITW EAE’s legacy lines of leading production systems have them covered. Our proven technologies, engineered solutions, and an unbeatable track record of performance speak for themselves. ITW EAE systems are built through and through with world-class quality, and have been tested in the most demanding manufacturing environments in the industry.


MPM printers are high-speed, high-precision systems for depositing precise patterns of solder paste on printed circuit boards through foil stencils. Available in a wide range of capabilities, they feature cutting-edge innovative components from advanced board handling systems to machine vision for alignment and inspection, multi-capable software for operation and quality assurance, revolutionary new enclosed media printing heads, and even the option of mounting Camalot dispense capability within the same workspace on most systems.


Electrovert’s precision cleaning equipment (batch and in-line) leads the industry in performance for cleaning and defluxing applications. In high-reliability manufacturing processes, choosing an equipment supplier with a proven track record of having the best performance and applications support is paramount. Electrovert’s innovative technologies found in the Aquastorm series deliver superior cleaning capabilities, drying performance, process control, and process flexibility in an energy-efficient easy-to-use platform.

Electrovert precision cleaning equipment (batch type)s utilize centrifugal force to enhance cleaning and drying. These innovative, compact systems are ideal for densely packaged assemblies and semiconductor applications such as wafer bumping, flip chips, CSPs, BGAs, MCMs and hybrids. The unique ability to clean and dry in tight spaces also makes Electrovert systems ideal for medical, optical and precision cleaning challenges.

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of mass soldering equipment for the global circuit board assembly market. Products are covering the Reflow, Wave and Selective Soldering markets. 


Camalot dispensing systems are the world’s leading technology for dispensing dots, lines, and patterns of electronic materials such as solder paste and adhesives. These systems dispense fluids at very accurate locations and in precisely metered amounts at in-line production speeds for both PCB assembly and semiconductor applications.

Wave Soldering

Electrovert wave soldering systems are designed to deliver ‘best in industry’ topside hole fill, process control, and performance in PCB manufacturing. The wave soldering process continues to be an ever-increasing focus for high-reliability board assemblies. The innovative technologies used in Electrovert’s wave soldering systems produce the best performance in fluxing, preheat capability, best wave solder dynamics, complete process flexibility, and most extensive process monitoring and control capabilities.

Reflow Soldering

Electrovert reflow soldering systems utilize technologies that provide precise control of the thermal convection reflow process in SMT and curing applications. With more than 30 years of reflow soldering process expertise, Electrovert continues to develop technologies that outperform competitive systems. Electrovert holds the ‘best in industry’ reputation for developing reflow technologies that deliver highly efficient heat transfer, lowest delta-T’s in the industry, lowest power and consumption rates, are easy to maintain, and designed to last for more than a decade.