Drying Technologies

Drying is the process of removing any residual liquid from the surfaces of washed and rinsed parts. Drying is a critical and expensive stage of the cleaning process, especially for PCB assemblies. The importance of drying is determined by post-cleaning process step requirements. For example, in-circuit test, conformal coating, and underfill are demanding post-cleaning processes and their success depends on thorough drying.

An effective drying system increases throughput and provides cost savings, enabling assemblies to proceed directly to test or conformal coating. The Aquastorm™ series offers several drying options, including the high-performance Torrid Zone™ with its flexible configurability.

Electrovert’s patented Torrid Zone convection drying system delivers a controlled dynamic process that effectively removes moisture from the PCB assembly or other cleaned part or product. Typical performance includes drying complex assemblies to within .1g of prewash weight.

Aquastorm series cleaners with Torrid Zone drying (In-line and batch type cleaners) are used in multiple applications:

  • PCB assembly;
  • De-fluxing;
  • Semiconductor manufacturing;
  • Smartphone and tablet electronics;
  • Microelectronics;
  • Hybrid electronics;
  • Misprint cleaning;
  • Industrial parts cleaning;
  • Special cleaning applications.