Solder Paste

Solder pastes in every alloy type, flux chemistry, and particle size are precisely and accurately stencil printed with MPM® printers and dispensed in semi-liquid form with CAMALOT® dispense systems. Accurate application, in terms of location and volume, is critical to forming good solder joints, since solder paste is by volume only 50-55% metals. Printing and dispensing the precise required volume of paste on fine-pitch SMT patterns is critical to form solder joints that are not only adequate to the task, but that also meet IPC-A-610 acceptability standards. MPM® printers, CAMALOT® dispensers, and technology innovations including the EnclosedFlow™ print system and SPI Print Optimization System ensure optimal solder paste application for high yields and exceptional quality assemblies

Thermal profiles for SMT reflow must be accurately controlled throughout the entire reflow process area. Vitronics Soltec® and Electrovert® reflow ovens maintain tight closed-loop control of the thermal profile, ensuring stable, repeatable profiles and optimum soldering results. Removing mis-printed solder paste from board assemblies can be difficult and costly. Electrovert’s Aquastorm series cleaners offer innovative features including a misprint cleaning feature that makes misprint cleaning fast, efficient, and complete, with minimal process interruption.