Adhesive materials (e.g., SMT adhesives for holding passive SMD components in place during wave soldering) are printed and dispensed accurately and precisely with MPM printing (via stencils) and CAMALOT® dispensing equipment using the range of dispensing pumps (such as auger pumps) available, depending on the application requirements. Electrovert® and Vitronics Soltec® curing ovens are engineered specifically to deliver optimum results with the widest range of heat-curable SMT adhesives at various production speeds and with repeatable thermal profiles. Liquid adhesives, conductive and non-conductive, (usually heat-curable thermosets) are used for a wide range of applications including attachment of bare dies and other components to the substrate, e.g., ceramics, LTCCs, lead frames, flex circuits, LED assembly, and more. They are also used in semiconductor attachment and flip chip advanced packaging applications.