Our History

ITW EAE joins together the leading brands of electronics assembly equipment. Our combined process knowledge in electronics manufacturing and surface mount technology (SMT) is unsurpassed. Working together we will drive further innovation and speed the development of next generation technology.

Today, ITW EAE continues to build on its strong industry heritage by leveraging its process knowledge and engineering expertise to provide solutions that help our many customers worldwide realize higher yields and greater productivity and profitability.


Founded in 1968 in Somerville, Massachusetts, MPM is known globally as a premier manufacturer of SMT printing equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly industry. 

MPM also has a long history of printing technology innovations, having issued over 400 patents.  Many MPM designs are industry standards and have integral to the success of the world’s largest OEMs and contract electronics manufacturers. 

MPM’s award winning technologies include: 

  • Edison Stencil Printer
  • Open Apps - MPM’s Industry 4.0 open architecture
  • Camalot Inside integrated dispensing system
  • EnclosedFlow print head
  • 2D inspection
  • Parallel processing

MPM is focused on technologies that provide process solutions for high-end, demanding production environments.

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Founded in 1951 in Montreal Quebec Canada, Electrovert is known globally as a premier manufacturer of wave soldering, and PCB cleaning equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly, semiconductor, and industrial manufacturing industries. 

Electrovert has a long history of product and industry-wide successes.  A leader in innovation and technology, Electrovert has issued over 400 patents.  Many of these designs are industry standards and have become integral to the success of the world’s largest OEM and contract electronics manufacturers.  Electrovert’s award winning technologies include:  DwellFlex 4.0, DwellMax Plus and UltraFill nozzles for wave soldering; and Hurricane Jet and JIC spray technology for precision cleaning.  A core competency of Electrovert has been a focus on technologies that provide process solutions for high-end, demanding production environments.

The Electrovert brand name continues to be recognized as a global leader.  All of Electrovert’s wave, and precision cleaning machines are designed and built in the United States.  The state-of-the-art applications, training, and demo center located in Camdenton, Missouri includes all current models of equipment which are available for testing and demonstrations.  

Vitronics Soltec

Founded in 1916 as ZEVA in the Netherlands, the company was a pioneer in the field of industrial soldering. Vitronics Soltec’s first major product was the electric soldering iron. 

With production of the circuit board in the 1950’s, new soldering methods were needed and the first “Wave Soldering System’ was introduced.  In the 1970’s, ZEVA introduced a complete line of automatic wave soldering machines.  Then, in the 1980’s, ZEVA changed its name to Soltec, and the company continued to grow with the expanding electronics industry.

In 1989, Soltec introduced reflow soldering machines to serve the growing surface mount technology (SMT) market.  In 1997, Soltec merged with Vitronics Corporation of Newmarket, NH, one of the world’s leading suppliers of SMT reflow soldering technology.  The newly formed company became Vitronics Soltec and move to Stratham, NH.  In 2011, the company moved its North American headquarters to Hampton, NH.  Since the formation of Vitronics Soltec in 1997, the company has led the industry with numerous technical achievement and advances.  


It Began with Innovation

In the winter of 1902 Albert E. Grapp, the young son of Prussian immigrants and an aspiring inventor, designed and built an electric heating system for the shivering streetcar passengers of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  And thus began Despatch Industries, a company that would grow to build the most technologically advanced thermal processing solutions in the world.

After his success with the electric heaters, Grapp turned his attention to ovens for milling giant Pillsbury. Pillsbury took advantage of the uniform heat offered by the Despatch ovens for testing its flour. Despatch ovens for baking bread and other foods followed, and soon the company expanded its line of ovens for use in a wide range of industrial processes.

Decades of Progress

As the decades passed, Despatch continued to refine its capabilities, focusing on companies and industries that required tight tolerance equipment for critical processes. 

Despatch now serves the thermal processing needs of industries such as electronics, medical devices, materials and aerospace, having built an international reputation for its uniformity and repeatability over time.

In 2005 Despatch entered the solar cell manufacturing market with the launch of its first metallization firing and drying furnace which soon became the world’s best-selling furnace in the market. Despatch was purchased by ITW in 2011 and has become a key brand in the ITW EAE division.


Founded as the Knight Tool Company in 1976, by Patricia and Bill Cavallaro.  Camalot developed automated liquid dispensing equipment for the printed circuit board, semiconductor, hybrid, automotive, industrial and medical industries.  Knight Tool pioneered the first “automated” liquid dispensing system: for producing temporary solder mask for the printed circuit board industry.  In 1987, Camelot (as it was branded then) made its initial foray in electronics assembly under the leadership of Ken Cavallaro (Bill and Patricia’s son) through the design of an automated liquid dispensing system for an aerospace application.

Since then a legacy of innovation and a solid reputation for producing high quality, durable products such as the 3800, XyflexPro+, FX-D and the latest platform, Prodigy, has in turn enabled our customers to maintain the high standards demanded by the electronics industry. Continued development around dispensing technology ensures, Camalot remains one of the world leaders in the dispensing field. Thousands of systems have been sold worldwide in their 30 years of operation, a high standard of after sales service and support ensures optimal machine utilization and guaranteed performance.