ITW EAE Introduces 50-inch Dual Lane Conveyor Option for the Camalot Prodigy Dispenser

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hopkinton, Massachusetts, February 19, 2019 – The Camalot Prodigy dispenser, known for high-speed, extremely accurate dispensing will now be available with a 50-inch dual lane conveyor. This option was developed to meet the demands of automotive manufacturers who are looking for increased productivity. The dual lane conveyor design allows up to six heat zones which is crucial for underfill applications that require pre and post heat and has a large (400mm x 254mm) capacity.

The dual lane conveyor provides multi-tasking functionality for increased efficiency and flexibility. Dispensing operations can be switched automatically between conveyor lanes for products that require multiple dispense passes of underfill and PCB transfer time is eliminated as the dispense process can start in the adjacent lane immediately.

 “While automotive manufacturers were the first to request this option, we expect that it will appeal to the semiconductor market as well,” said Hugh Read, ITW EAE Dispenser Group Business Manager. “We have a 32-inch dual conveyor with four heat zones for smaller board sizes that is targeted to the smart phone market.

The Camalot Prodigy is a flexible dispenser that can be scaled to suit your productivity needs. The 50-inch dual lane conveyor can be combined with the recently introduced Dynamic Dual Head (DDH) for maximum productivity.  DDH offers the unique ability to double dispense speed while maintaining the highest level of accuracy for both dispense pumps. The patented design corrects for part-to-part rotation in “real-time” allowing synchronous dispensing of both pumps.