Vitronics Soltec Soldering Equipment to be represented by Macon in Argentina

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, May 30, 2023 – ITW EAE, the Electronic Assembly Equipment division of Illinois Tool Works, announces a new partnership agreement with Macon to represent and distribute Vitronics Soltec soldering equipment beginning May 26, 2023, in Argentina. This agreement is an expansion of Macon’s representation of ITW EAE’s product line which already included MPM printers, Camalot dispensers, and Electrovert soldering and cleaning equipment.

“We are excited to add the Vitronics Soltec product line into Macon’s business model. With this, Macon is expanding our offerings and consolidating the ITW EAE product line in Argentina. This move allows Macon to provide sales, service, spare parts, and general customer communication and satisfaction in a more streamlined manner,” said John Fanning, ITW EAE Sales Director. “With Macon's proven viability in the South American market and their history of growth and relationship building representing ITW EAE's other products like MPM, Camalot, and Electrovert, they are well-positioned to successfully integrate Vitronics Soltec into their operations.”

“Our history with ITW EAE (formerly Speedline) began in Argentina back in the 90’s when our well-remembered Juan Gonzalez Pena and Carlos Gomez sold and provided technical support to the first Camalot 1414 and 1818 machines, and SPM printers in the incipient national electronics industry”, said Emiliano Herrero, Sales Director of Macon. “Over many years, people and projects have passed, but the spirit of work has passed from generation to generation, and today you find us again representing this great company, which has more than 30 years of success in our industry.”

Macon's focus on ITW EAE's products and their deep technical understanding allows them to provide customers with detailed engineering-level presentations. This level of expertise is valuable in helping customers make informed decisions about ITW EAE's products and how they can meet their specific needs.