Support Programs

ITW EAE has a number of programs in place to support our customers, to keep their equipment up and running 24/7 and delivering the highest possible yields all the time. These programs range from on-site technical support to spare parts to extended service contracts. All are designed with the customer’s best interests in mind. We’re committed to helping our customers obtain the best value and performance for their investment in our products over the life of their machines.

On-Site Service Support

Our team of qualified and experienced Field Service Engineers is available for on-site maintenance and repair support. Operating from our regional offices worldwide, they’re on call to help you solve manufacturing problems.

Preventive Maintenance

Our Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs help you avoid costly downtime by stabilizing and optimizing the performance of your equipment. Our programs include cleaning, lubrication and calibration of all critical functions, ensuring optimal performance and maximum productivity and up-time.

Protection PLUS Program

Protection PLUS, our most comprehensive service plan, provides complete coverage, e.g., parts, labor and travel expenses. With the ability to stabilize all service expenses, the Protection PLUS Program keeps your ITW EAE equipment up and running for a minimal investment.


ITW EAE’s powerful and advanced software drives the world-leading performance of ITW EAE equipment.

Spare Parts

Spare and Service parts for all MPM, Camalot, Electrovert, Vitronics Soltec and Despatch equipment are available from inventory in any of our three global manufacturing facilities or service stock hubs located at various locations around the world.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions include information on our standard warranty and details on the conditions of sale and payment terms. Our terms vary slightly based on the product being purchased.



Occasional upgrades in hardware and software, when they become available, keep your ITW EAE equipment running at optimal performance and able to handle emerging assembly challenges.