Synchronizing the Stencil Printing Process for Successful Central Database Recipe Control

This paper will focus on the requirements needed to implement a central database for printer recipes and minimize setup time required to begin production. The SMT process works best the more we minimize the human intervention required. With electronic manufactures embracing the concepts of Factory 4.0, it has become clear that recipe control has become a vital element to maintain a stable and repeatable process. Removing recipes that are machine-based and implementing a central database has shown to improve overall quality and job-to-job repeatability. This capability has been available on equipment for years and the advantages known; however, the issue has been setup time from when the recipe is loaded until the product is running at acceptable results for both alignment and print results. This machine-to-machine variation has stifled the implementation and is often the cause of failure. The following paper will outline the steps to implement a central database recipe process and how to synchronize the individual machines to minimize setup and time to production.