MPM Printers Features

Momentum II 100 Stencil Printer

AccuCheck Print Capability Verification

AccuCheck Print Capability Verification allows the printer to measure its own print capability. Users can verify the machine’s capability at any time or continuously on their own products. AccuCheck measures the actual print deposit position versus the target pad to determine a measured print offset. It is an inexpensive, reliable method of obtaining machine quality and process capability information to ensure repeatable results and optimum printing performance.

Automatic Paste Dispensing System

Dispense for standard cartridges or choose the new patent-pending jar dispenser. Paste is released in precise, measured amounts across the stencil in a clean, uniform bead. Deposition volumes, frequency and placement are user programmable.

Auotmatic Paste Dispenser - Brochure

Benchmark User Interface

Easy to learn and use for the average operator, MPM’s Benchmark software is powerful yet intuitive, and facilitates rapid setup, assists with operational tasks, and makes changeover quick and easy. The software has been upgraded to Windows 10 and new production tools and new Quickstart programming to make it even easier to use.

BridgeVision System

The BridgeVision™ system is a patented method of analyzing bridge defects on circuit boards during the post-print inspection process.

This innovative system uses  texture-based image acquisition algorithms and a digital camera system with telecentric lenses to support the accurate identification of paste deposit defects.

  • Finds bridging defects post-print – before they go to reflow
  • Patented contrast and texture-based technologies
  • Combines with SPC tools

The BridgeVision system operates simultaneously with the MPM 2D paste inspection system.

MPM Vision System & Inspection

MPM’s patented printe rbased Vision and Inspection system is a cost-effective way to verify print and paste deposit results. It is flexible enough to handle the complete range of today’s most challenging components. This system measures the amount of paste covering the target pad and compares it with the required coverage. 2D inspection is integrated directly into the stencil printer to provide an immediate source of data.

OpenApps Architecture

MPM’s OpenApps is an open architecture source code which provides the capability of developing custom interfaces in support of Industry 4.0 initiatives and communication with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). ITW EAE is the first SMT company to offer open software architecture.

Paste Height Monitor

The Paste Height Monitor is designed to prevent defects caused y inadequate volumes of paste on the stencil. It combines advanced software and sensor technology to accurately monitor the paste bead for volume consistency. Upper and lower limit roll-height monitoring eliminates insufficient or excess paste volumes. It is a non-contact solution that can automatically add more paste to the stencil as it is needed.

Paste Height Monitor - Brochure

Paste Temperature Monitor

Temperature monitoring ensures proper paste viscosity to avoid bridging and voiding. MPM patent- pending paste temperature monitor allows paste to be measured in the cartridge or on the stencil.

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PrinTrack™ adds traceability, data harvesting and reporting to your printing process. It can seamlessly integrate with other equipment and elements in the manufacturing cycle, such as MES and ERP, and can be expanded factory-wide.

PrintTrack - Brochure & FAQs

RapidClean Stencil Cleaner

RapidClean is a high speed stencil solvent cleaning innovation that slashes cycle time and improves stencil cleaning performance, especially for fine-pitch. RapidClean reduces 3 wipe strokes to 2 and cuts cycle time by 5 – 6 seconds per print cycle over the standard wiper; and because fewer cleaning cycles are required, RapidClean can save up to $10K USD per annum in paper savings per printer.

RapidClean - Brochure FAQ

StencilVision System

The StencilVision™ system uses texture-based technology and a digital camera system to check the underside of a stencil for solder paste contamination. The results of the check drive wiper operation.

The StencilVision system:

  • Detects solder paste seepage from apertures to stencil underside
  • Initiates underside stencil wiping sequence to remove contamination
  • Prevents print defects, contamination of PCB caused by dirty stencil underside
  • Efficient – initiates wiping only when needed

Ensures optimum stencil to board gasketing

SPI Print Optimizer

SPI Print Optimizer brings your Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) machine into communication with your MPM printer through a specially-developed common interface. When the SPI machine ‘sees’ X, Y and theta offset problems on a just-printed PCB, it analyzes the data virtually instantly and gives the printer instructions to correct those offsets, automatically, and ‘on the fly’.

SPI Print Optimizer - Brochure