vitronics soltec Testimonials

Steve Christopherson
Minarik Drives

“Minarik gathered data on solder usage, dross, dross reclamation, and flux usage of our older wave solder system vs. our new Vitronics Soltec Delta 3. The Delta 3 wave solder system consistently excelled in conservation of materials for both flux and solder usage vs. our older systems!”

Patrice Lavoie
Varitron Technologies

"To be competitive and to provide the highest quality end products is paramount in our business. We were looking for any way to eliminate defects and to economically increase our throughput. After trying several different soldering processes and equipment, we chose the 6746 selective soldering solutions from Vitronics Soltec. We’ve received great customer service, terrific turn around times and the 6746 helped us achieve our quality, productivity and throughput goals! It is practical, functional and the company backs its products 100%"

Kevin Syverson
Engineering Manager
Silicon Forest Electronics

"Three years ago, we replaced our aging convection reflow ovens with Vitronics-Soltec XPM3’s. The ovens have performed exceptionally well in terms of uptime and thermal consistency with “as advertised” minimal maintenance. Thanks to Vitronics for a great product!"


TJ Hughes
Esterline Interface Technologies

"We have 5 SMT lines, all with Vitronics Soltec Reflow ovens. We chose Vitronics Soltec because of the service, quality and performance they offer and have provided us in the past. With 5 lines running on 3 shifts, the low maintenance needs of the ovens keeps the downtime low, allowing us to focus on getting product to the customer in a timely fashion. Having Vitronics ovens means one less (or 5 in our case) machine to worry about in our process.

The new Autoset Wizard is a huge time savings for our company; we are constantly adding new products, sometimes 2 or 3 in one day. We run 3 shifts with little available downtime or time for process development, so the Autoset Wizard is crucial for us. It allows us to develop recipes in a much quicker fashion than running a profiling device multiple times. Once you run the wizard, you only need to check the recipe with a profiling device one time afterwards. We’ve yet to have to adjust the settings that the Autoset Wizard gives us. The Autoset Wizard is an engineer’s dream come true!"


Chris Denney
Worthington Assembly Inc.

"When the time came for us to purchase a new reflow oven, we chose the Vitronics Soltec XPM3 820 – and we’re glad we did. It can reflow any type of circuit board you can imagine. Thick – Thin – Leaded – Lead-Free – Double Sided, there’s nothing we can not process with this machine. Plus, it’s fast – on average it can process a board every 15-25 seconds.

One of the best parts about the XPM3 is that it comes with a piece of software called AutoSet.

With AutoSet, you simply measure the length and width of the circuit board, place it on a small scale, and enter this information into the software on the computer of the reflow oven. Compared to our methods in the past for creating a reflow profile, Autoset drastically cuts time of production, costs, and our number of headaches. We have yet to have Autoset make us an unacceptable profile, and could not be more pleased with the addition of it to our operation.

We have been very happy with our new Vitronics Soltec reflow oven and look forward to many more years of quality service from it."