Vitronics Soltec Features

Delta X Wave Soldering Machine

Base Wire Support

  • Optional PCB wire support from fluxer to end of main wave
  • Retracts under rail when not in use via down turn cams
  • Supports multi-up panels
  • 1.5 mm wire

PCB Tracking Systems

The Delta X platforms tracking systems automatically recognizes the mechanical contact point of all subsystems, these positions can be modified per recipe.

  • Allows for recipes independent optimization of wave contact position
  • Assists with warped assemblies at wave interface
  • Prevents masking of overhanging components
  • Keeps excessive flux of pallets, minimizing cleaning

Nozzle Spray Fluxer

  • Accurate and repeatable
  • Self-speed calibration
  • Heavy duty locking mount of spray nozzle
  • Accurate flux deposition by stepper motor control
  • Sealed flux delivery system
  • Statistical test analysis confirmed high repeatability
  • Under rail protection covers prevent flux penetration to underside of rail and conveyor chains
  • Ease of use


  • Patented technology
  • Ensures excellent hole fill by producing vertical pressure within the wave
  • Allows for soldering certain SMT assemblies with one wave
  • Increase wave depth without pumpkin additional solder


  • Decreases wetting time
  • Up to 50% reduction in dross
  • Easily retrofitted
  • Low cost of ownership